30 March 2011

Latest and Greatest

The following drawings are my personal favourites of the new images, not because they look nice, or because they are technically impressive, or even because they are funny but because each one of these drawings smell like super noodles.

Any guy with a girl in posession of a magnificent pork pie can understand where I'm coming from. 

 If you like my summer pie you should have a go of my meatloaf.


 Personal favourite, nobody else gets it, they just humour me and say "Oh right" 

 Ignore the elephant

 Favourite text one

 And this one is my favourite non-text drawing of recent, reason being is he is creepy looking and occasionally likable, much like his creator.

One of the few based on an actual person, this guy told me and my croanies off for playing frisbee on a patch of grass and also not to smoke at a picnic (which is good advice if you think about it) but the guy is still a total jobsworth. 
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Danny M Thompson/dmt

Scrawlings Of A Mad Man

 These are just bits and bobs, not my favourites or anything, I shouldn't really share stuff that I'm not particularly proud of but I want you to understand that I am not particularly stable mentally.

 Some sort of Roman Emperor?

 Lovely Fags

 This piece of paper should not have been made, nor should I have taken a photo of it, I should definitely not have placed it onto this web page and without a shadow of a doubt I should not have wasted time writing this sentence to accompany it either.
 Anarchy comes in all different forms

 My poor attempt at the legend that is RastaMouse

 If you're feeling sassy then inform those around you about your sassyness.

 I always meant to go back and write something deep and ridiculing on this one, but I still haven't thought of anything...

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Danny M Thompson/dmt